Pauly-Paul-Delvecchio-Jersey-Shore-MTV-Hair-400.jpgGuido-wannabees, are you ready to be schooled? Sure, you hired that fitness trainer to get you all muscle-headed out. And that tanning bed has become your new home away from home. We know you’ve hit every sale at Armani Exchange since “Jersey Shore” started airing. But something is still missing…

Paul Delvecchio, better known as the “Shore’s” Pauly D, laid out the guido formula in last week’s episode: “You got to stay fresh. Fresh haircut. Fresh outfit. Fresh tan. Just fresh.”

That’s right. It’s the first thing on Pauly’s list. What’s keeping you from being “guido-fresh”? You’re missing Pauly’s “blowout,” his fresh from the wind tunnel hair! Thankfully, Pauly, is not unlike fellow cast member, Snooki. They’re both all about the advancement of Italian-American culture. So, Pauly has put together an instructional video for the “blowout-challenged.”

Hold on, tiger! Before you hit the video below, you’ll need clean wet hair, a styling brush, Joico’s Ice Spiker (a water-resistant “styling glue”), Got2b’s Glued Spiking Freeze spray and a few hours.

Now that you have the complete “guido” package, you’ll be raking in the trash bags just like the guys on “Jersey Shore”! Let us know how that goes.

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Photo/Video Credit: New York Daily News

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