patrick stewart peter jackson To Sirs, with Love: Patrick Stewart, Peter Jackson become knightsActor Patrick Stewart and director Peter Jackson have been knighted in England and New Zealand, respectively. 

]]>Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek,” “X-Men,”) was the biggest name on Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year honors list. He said of the knighting, “This is an honor that embraces those actors, directors and creative teams who have in these recent years helped fill my life with inspiration, companionship and sheer fun.” Queen Elizabeth II also sanctions the New Zealand honors, stemming from the country’s start as a British colony. “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson said of knighthood, “I didn’t think anything would surpass the 2004 Academy Awards, but I was wrong.” Previously knighted celebrities include Agatha Christie, Ralph Fiennes, Ian McKellan, Liam Neesen, Olivia Newton-John, J.K. Rowling and Maggie Smith. Bono and Steven Spielberg have honorary knighthoods. Congratulations, Sir Patrick and Sir Peter. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz

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