urx unit loader Hot Cuppa Radio, eGuiders Videos (Late Night Wars, Cool Cars, Guy With Sexy Accent)
Today’s cuppa: Peppermint tea (OK, plus lots of highly caffeinated coffee, but I started slow. It’s rainy. Whatever. Don’t judge me.)

Click here for my regular Thursday appearance on Shaun Daily’s TV Talk show on blogtalkradio.com. I come in at about the half-hour mark to talk about my interview with FNC’s Adam Housley, Haiti coverage on cable news and almost being caught in a high-speed car chase while exiting a “Glee” set visit in Hollywood.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for eguiders logo large.jpgThen, click here to check out my latest video additions to eGuiders.com. They include Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious Ken Burns-style parody of the Late Night Wars, some cool car videos, a dude prognosticating about Twitter with a sexy accent, another dude dancing with heavy machinery and some truly godawful failed TV pilots.

Can’t accuse me of being in an online-video rut.