Yet another reason to love the Internet. There’s always someone out there ready to record and upload to YouTube things you would never have gotten around to seeing otherwise.

Take, for example, this clip from “Wheel of Fortune” that’s suddenly making the post-holiday rounds where-in contestant Lolita guesses that “thing” she is looking at is “Self Potato.”

The silly guess is only midly funny, but what’s really amusing is the guy filming it from home is laughing like it’s the first time he’s seen it as well. Which can’t be the case unless he makes a habit of watching TV through a video camera in hopes of catching something worthwhile.

Also making today’s “Have you seen this?!?!?” list is a clip from Wednesday (Jan. 6) night’s “Man vs Wild” where Bear Grylls gives himself an enema using water laced with bird droppings while on a raft in the Pacific Island. Something about how this will keep you hydrated when there’s no drinkable water around.

Supposedly, giving oneself an enema should only be done as a “last resort.” Or for TV ratings.

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