urx unit loader Hot Cuppa Online Video: Snowpocalypse, Hardcore Baby, Revolutionary Rock, 'Top Gear' and More ...
eguiders logo large.jpgWelcome to my eGuiders page, where I’ve been laboring away, finding the best online video for you.

For your viewing enjoyment, we have a weatherman losing his mind over the Washington, D.C. “Snowpocalypse”; a surprisingly gorgeous music video that casts the Founding Fathers as an ’80s hair band (rock it out, Ben Franklin!); a young woman doing strange things with a baby (keeping it clean here, folks); Sawyer’s many pet names for his “Lost” companions; a scene from “The Big Bang Theory,” sans audience laughter; a “Glee” parody from “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”; a long but deeply satisfying evisceration of “Avatar”; and a very, very old videogame commercial.

But wait, go to the next page, and there’s more! There’s a guide to producing the news! There’s a movie made by chimps! Reality stars who don’t want to make friends! Economic philosophers rapping! “The Late Night Wars” as a Ken Burns documentary! And cars, cars, cars and “Top Gear”!

Whew. I need a hot cuppa now.

Thank you! Good night!