david cross will arnett ifc 'Arrested Development' alumni, The Onion come to IFCThe cable entity formerly known as the Independent Film Channel is moving away from its former focus and hoping to push further into the realm of scripted series — including shows from the satirical minds at The Onion and a series starring “Arrested Development” alumni David Cross and Will Arnett.

IFC will also feature a “Kids in the Hall” reunion series later this year as part of its original programming slate, as well as — no kidding — a zombie series that takes place on the “Big Brother U.K.” set.

It’s all part of a rebranding that includes the focus on original and acquired programming and a new tagline: “Always On. Slightly Off” — which is actually pretty good, and reflective of the identity IFC is trying to establish with its shows.

The new shows, in order of their premiere dates, are:

“Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town,” an eight-episode murder mystery in which the Kids — Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson — play more than 20 characters involved in the killing of the mayor of Shuckton, Ont. It premieres in August.

“Dead Set,” which we’ll let IFC describe: “During eviction night on the U.K. ‘Big Brother’ series, zombies emerge and begin attacking humans. Meanwhile, the remaining housemates are clueless as to what’s happening outside their four walls, and are unknowingly kept safe from the chaos that’s erupted on the streets as zombies make their way into the television studio only feet away.” It will air at midnight from Oct. 25-29.

“The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,” created by and starring Cross. He plays a pathological liar who fakes his way into a job running his company’s London office. Arnett will play his boss. Scheduled for a fall premiere.

“Onion News Network,” a half-hour show based on the video segments at The Onion. Fake news and outlandish debates between anchors and guests will fill the time. Here’s a taste of what you might see.

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