Sarah Palin had to deal with not one but two hecklers during the John McCain/Sarah Palin love fest in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday, March 27.

Creating a political “Groundhog Day,” Palin, credited with nuking McCain’s White House campaign, is back in the saddle stumping for her former running mate’s senatorial reelection.

“Let’s send the maverick back to the Senate,” she shouted.


After one heckler spoke out, Sarah replied in this video,  “Stick around, sir. Maybe you’ll learn something,” adding that McCain was the one
fighting for his freedoms, including, one presumes, freedom of speech.

The second young man — who later identified himself as “Alex” a libertarian, and  reportedly a friend of the first protester — was taken out of the auditorium and can be seen in video being tackled by three men, one identified as a police officer in plain clothes, a man in a McCain T-shirt, and another man. 

The young man kept
shouting “Freedom of speech, What are you doing?” 

He said he was anti-Obama and when he asked “Why are you doing this?” a
young lady nearby responded, “Because you’re a douche, that’s why.”

Outside he told a reporter he was “fighting for America.”

What do you think about the hecklers’ treatment. Way too much or so not enough?

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