real-housewives-of-new-york-city-jill-labor-parties-bravo-thumb.jpgOn “The Real Housewives of New York City,” the split between the housewives grows more apparent as we see who lands where on Labor Day.

Just add music
Bethenny and new beau, Jason, meet up with Ramona and her husband, Mario, for drinks. After the last episode, Bethenny and Ramona both have “countess” beef. First, Ramona says she felt “verbally raped” by the LuAnn and Jill on the boat. Then, Bethenny recounted her fight with LuAnn in the bar saying she was tired of the hypocrisy. Ramona then reiterated that she was more mellow nowadays. I have yet to really see that, but Ramona believes it. They then hit the dance floor and Ramona, of course, is in her element.

LuAnn got “a new girl”
Luann’s former housekeeper, Rosie, stops by to visit. When did she leave? I loved that little Filipina! She really shows some care for the kids, especially when she sees that Victoria had casts on both her wrists. LuAnn thinks that she fell while trying to sneak out, but that’s just the Countess being classy. We then find out that Rosie left when LuAnn moved to The Hamptons and that was too far for her to commute. Sadness. By the way, Countess saying “This is a change. Me bringing you tea.” Class-less. Rosie says she worries for LuAnn, because while she seems strong Rosie thinks she’s lonely. It’s clear that LuAnn and her are still close.

Round 2
Wow. Ramona is making the rounds. Ramona and Mario meet up for dinner with Alex and Simon. Funny how Mario and Simon are both wearing white suits and salmon shirts. Ramona, who didn’t think to invite Simon and Alex before, invited the couple to her Labor Day luncheon. Another funny moment: When Simon told Ramona her new hair made her look like Cameron Diaz! She had said that was the look she was going for last episode on the boat! Simon then suggests that Mario should invite LuAnn to the Luncheon personally, so he leaves a voicemail for her.

Guys come and go
Jill decides to stay over at LuAnn’s house for Labor Day. She plays Mario’s message for Jill, whose translation of the message is “bring it on, b****.” Both LuAnn and Jill decide they’re not going to Ramona’s luncheon and decide to call her to let her know. And then, oh my God, Ramona goes off. She calls LuAnn rude and a slut. She also says she has never been single, because she has always had men around her. That was so crazy. In the end, Jill backed LuAnn. Next order of business: Bethenny. LuAnn begins to tell Jill about their meeting from last week. She says that Bethenny always says she’ll say something to your face, but that isn’t true. I’d have to agree with her there. Bethenny can talk some trash behind the girls’ backs.

What’s funny is that LuAnn views Bethenny’s reaction as her saying she obviously felt guilty. It was more like she was angry about being attacked. Jill says that even if they become friends again, things will never be the same. It seems they think it has to do with Bethenny having a man in her life now.

real housewives of new york city bethenny jason labor parties bravo 'The Real Housewives of New York City': Labor Day painsMoving in
Bethenny and her man go out for dinner and she really knows how to impress a guy. He calls her complicated and she says she’s more like “damaged.” Despite all that, he asks her to move in with him. Bethenny begins to cry, because she didn’t think that she could have it all. I’m feeling for her right now, actually. And he was very good about dealing with her tears. A lot of the guys I know don’t know how to deal with that.

Dueling Labor parties
LuAnn and Jill made up their mind that they’re not going to Ramona’s, so they decide to have their own Labor Day BBQ. They invite Kelly, since she was alone for the weekend. When Kelly arrives, she says she has something that’s going to blow up the next day and she wanted to warn them. She’s going to pose for Playboy. Jill says in her interview, but not to Kelly’s face, that she doesn’t really approve of her posing for Playboy. Funny part was that LuAnn brought out a Playgirl when she was on the cover hugging some bearded hunk. Hah!

When Bobby, Jill’s husband, joins for lunch, they tell him about Kelly’s Playboy spread. He thinks it’s great then tells everyone that he has years of Playboy magazines collected and in mint condition. It’s a little unsettling, I have to say. Kelly then expresses in her interview that she’s uncomfortable that he said that. She had to expect that men she knew would be seeing her breasts, though. Duh.

Labor day and landmines
Bethenny arrives for Ramona’s luncheon and already we find out that she is nervous to see Alex. Last season, Alex created a logo for Bethenny’s company and she didn’t use it. So, as soon as Alex arrived, Bethenny talked to her about it. Caught off guard, Alex tells Bethenny that she heard she didn’t use it, because she went with something “better.” Bethenny contends that she didn’t want the girl in the logo to look like her.

Later at lunch, Bethenny wonders what she may have done to Jill. The group informs her that Jill felt abandoned by her and felt she wasn’t being thankful for the last summer when Jill was there for her. Above all, Bethenny doesn’t appreciate it when some random friend of Ramona begins to explain Jill’s side and clearly supports Jill on this one. Bethenny is shocked that the stranger is so invested in her problems.

After lunch, Alex informs Ramona that she and Simon are going to stop by LuAnn’s party. Ramona goes nuts, because she believes it was wrong of LuAnn to invite her guests to her party. I have to admire Alex for being honest about this. She had to know it wouldn’t go over well. Simon, though, was kind of a jerk when he basically stepped away from Alex and let Ramona guilt trip her. To be fair, Ramona, you invited Alex and Simon at the last minute and never really intended to. Just sayin’.

Out of guilt, Alex decides to stay at Ramona’s and calls Jill to let her know. Suddenly, I’m liking Alex more this season. She was very forthright and politically savvy about what she said to Jill about what went down at Ramona’s. Of course, Jill and LuAnn could read between the lines, but Alex came off respectable.

After this episode, are you Team Jill or Bethenny? Team Ramona or LuAnn?

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