alyssa milano jimmy kimmel Alyssa Milano teaches 'dreamy' Jimmy Kimmel about TwitterAlyssa Milano joined Jimmy Kimmel on “Live” Wednesday, April 14. After describing her as “practically born on television, one-time daughter of Danza,” Kimmel immediately brought up Twitter.

Alyssa is a known Twitter personality, she currently has 777,000+ followers on the popular social media site.

Jimmy was particularly interested in her tweet that reads, “I will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight promoting @RomChallenged. I ♡ Jimmy. He’s dreamy. #DontJudgeMe.” Kimmel likes that he’s “dreamy,” but wonder why someone would judge her for thinking that. Heh.

He then says, “Your followers, like you’re a cult leader or something” and quips, “If someone had told me 20 years ago that Alyssa Milano would be tweeting that I’m dreamy … I would’ve probably had a parade of some kind.”

“Romantically Challenged” is Alyssa’s new show where she plays Rebecca Thomas, a single mom attorney who is jumping back into the dating scene. It airs Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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