michelle bombshell radaronline.com Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee strips again! Lapdance anyone?Jesse James is still hiding out in an Arizona rehab, hoping to save his marriage.  But TMZ reports that a moving van picked up a love seat, a couch and lots of boxes from Sandra Bullock and Jesse’s Hollywood Hills home Friday (April 2).

Meanwhile, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee was having a blast, stripping for record crowds at Pure Platinum in San Diego on Friday night.

]]>RadarOnline.com. She charges $100 a lap dance (with her top on) but dances topless onstage with a pole. 

seen her on magazine covers, you’ve seen her on the news, ladies and
gentlemen, Michelle ‘Bombshell,'” screamed the announcer, as McGee
entered to a full house that wanted a look at the mistress who spilled the
dirty deets of her affair with Sandra’s husband.

A beaming
Michelle told RadarOnline.com that she was “happy to be back at Pure
Platinum” and that she “has a lot of exciting things coming up in her

To be honest, she’s not that great a dancer, judging by the RadarOnline video. More like a
slow writher. She’d never make it on “Dancing with the Stars,” that’s
for sure.

But we have to admit, the tatts do make for quite a
fascinating slo-mo skin show.

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Photo credits: Radaronline video screen grab