brett michael perform Bret Michaels 'looks tired, is moving slower,' says sister Michele Sychak“Celebrity Apprentice” winner Bret Michaels is thrilled with his victory but he looks tired and is moving slower. But he still plans to try to tour.

]]>Michele Sychak is telling Radaronline.

adds “He is going to continue to live his life. He isn’t an idiot, if
he is compromising himself he will stop. The doctors are saying let’s
take it easy, let’s see what happens.

“We’ve all told him ‘Dude
you deserve a break, take one.’ We’ve all gone to work when we feel
like crap, but its not the flu. But he said it eloquently last night –
‘I can’t wait for the other shoe to drop. What are you going to do sit
at home and wait?’

“He is going to try the tour and see what
happens. The flying back and forth, he is going to see how he feels
as far as the schedule is going.”

What do you think? Is Bret doing the right thing by not slowing down? Or is he putting his health even more at risk?

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