janey cutler britains got talent 'Britain's Got Talent': Is Janey Cutler the next Susan Boyle?We’ve already seen Susan Boyle‘s cousin audition for “Britain’s Got Talent,” but now there’s another older Scottish woman sneaking in there. Meet Janey Cutler, an 81-year-old great-grandmother from Wishaw, Scotland.

In her audition, Janey Cutler sang “No Regrets” to a standing ovation by the audience and judges (minus Simon Cowell, of course). When Cowell asked her how many years she’s waited to do something like this, Cutler replied, “I’m just thankful I’m here tonight.”

It turns out she’s well-known in her town of Wishaw, performing in her “wee pubs and clubs,” but she’s soon to be known worldwide, as her YouTube videos have hundreds of thousands of views and “The Today Show” has already profiled her (second video below).

What do you think? Next Susan Boyle or not?

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