tonight show chris matthews Chris Matthews on 'Tonight': Oil conspiracy, putting Chelsea Handler in her placeChris Matthews, host of political talk show “Hardball,” joins Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, May 20.

Matthews mostly wants to talk about British Petroleum, Halliburton, former Vice President Dick Cheney and the government cover-ups regarding the oil industry going largely unregulated.

But he also takes a minute to put Chelsea Handler (who incidentally looks like the Bride of Frankenstein) firmly in her place. When she sarcastically interjects, “Could you talk faster?” Matthews doesn’t miss a beat when he responds, “My dear, you’re beautiful, but if you concentrate, you can keep up.”

Jay Leno loses his mind at this comment, so elated that someone finally gave it back to Handler as good as she dishes out. He practically hurdles the “Tonight Show’ desk with his joy.

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credit: NBC