michael bay bows megan fox Michael Bay kicks Megan Fox out of 'Transformers 3.' He really IS Hitler! (Updated)Paramount is not — we repeat, not — picking up Megan Fox‘s option to star in  “Transformers 3″

And guess what? It was director Michael Bay’s call. Guess that’ll teach Megan to diss a director and compare him to Hitler.

]]>blog,  he’s reportedly
casting the female co-star even as we type. And please don’t suggest Shia LaBeouf‘s girlfriend Carey Mulligan. She’s adorable and all but definitely not an action babe.

So did Megan deserve to get dumped? And is Bay now really acting like Hitler? And has he even heard what Shia has been saying about him? If so, he may not have an original cast member left! 

Megan also blames Bay for damaging her skin too! Is there no end to
this monster’s cruelty? When asked about her pale skin, she pointed her
finger at Big Bad Bay.

“I had been tanning a lot so that
Michael would be happy with my skin tone. Every spare moment of sun
that was outside, I had to be in it,” she whined to Allure. “It’s not
going to happen again because of the damage and the possible skin

Is that what pushed Bay over the edge? Hitler is one thing but accusing him of causing skin cancer?

Could be. As Finke points out, back in October Bay personally warned
Megan about the demands of ‘Transformers 3′ in his announcement of the
start of production.

P.S. Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you
in any way during the production of this motion picture. Please consult
your Physician when working under my direction because some side
effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal
tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal
hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous
to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is
right for you.

So it sounds like he must have changed his mind recently. Or more likely, he
stumbled on a malleable babelicious buxom newcomer to fill her hot pants, one
who doesn’t mind modeling skimpy outfits for him.

UPDATE: Megan Fox now says it was HER decision not to return to the “Transformers” franchise.  Her rep tells People that “Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3. It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

Megan Fox will probably be more vocal about all this casting confusion when she does press for “Jonah Hex,” her June 18  action film also starring Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Will Arnett.

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