burn notice michael fiona season premiere 320 'Burn Notice': 5 reasons to get excited for the new season“Burn
is back!

We’ve seen Thursday’s (June 3) season premiere, and we know you’re dying to know what’s up.

How is Michael going to get out of that prison? How pissed is Fiona going to be when he returns?

Here’s what we can tell you…

1. Michael did a bad, bad thing:  When we spoke with Jeffrey Donovan
(Michael), he warned us that Michael had a major secret, involving the new character played by Coby Bell, and he wasn’t exaggerating.

Bell actually isn’t seen all that much in the premiere, but viewers will find out what the connection between them is before the hour is up. And it’s a doozy.

2. The Michael/Fiona relationship is as twisted as ever: One of the more functional dysfunctional relationships on television, Michael and Fi are no closer to figuring out what they really are to each other in the season premiere. The duo does share a kiss — but Fi also punches him. Those crazy kids.

3. We kinda like Robert Wisdom’s Vaughn: We were prepared to hate Vaughn when “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix told us that Wisdom’s character was “a different guy. He’s a reasonable man.” But instead, we kinda dig him. Do we trust him? Um, no. But we got to see more of who he is, right off the bat, and we liked it.

4. More Sharon Gless!: We were excited when Donovan said that Madeline (Gless) would be playing a more active role in the cases this season. And while her active involvement doesn’t happen in the season premiere, she is part of an important emotional scene with Michael.

5. No show uses voiceovers better: Our favorite from the season premiere? “Pressure on the carotid artery will
knock someone out in 10 seconds, no matter how big they are. Of course,
if they’re big enough, it can be a pretty unpleasant 10 seconds.” Ha!

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