royal pains season two premiere 320 'Royal Pains': 5 reasons the show is a prescription for your summer bluesYou’re familiar with “Royal Pains,” right? You’ve seen it?

Season 1 aired on USA Network last summer and the show returns tonight (June 3) with all new episodes.

Not caught up? No worries.

Each episode is fairly self-contained and the nifty “Previously On…” segment before the premiere will catch you up on the major plot points of the first year.

Still not convinced you should tune in? We’ve compiled a list of the five reasons you must give the show a shot…

1. Henry Winkler: Yep, the Fonz joins “Royal Pains” as Eddie, Hank and Evan’s deadbeat father, and no one is more excited than Mark Feuerstein (Hank). “It is so surreal to have the Fonz as my dad,” says Feuerstein. “I love having the Fonz as my dad. It makes me, even if I’m not even half as cool, cooler than most, just by association. I worshipped the Fonz growing up.”

Another thing upping the excitement level for Feuerstein? Knocking Winkler out in an upcoming episode. “It was awesome to get to punch Henry Winkler because he’s so cool about it,” he says. “And it’s Henry Winkler. So if I’m knocking out the Fonz, then by extension, that means I’m even cooler [than he is] if only for a moment in time.”

2. The Lawson family has some, um, issues, but the cast loves each other: The reappearance of Winkler’s Eddie will divide Hank and Evan. In the season premiere, Evan still thinks their relationship with their dad could be okay, but Hank is far more skeptical. “[His return] brings up all of the rage and resentment that Hank has felt from being abandoned by him about 20 years ago,” Feuerstein says. “And with it comes all of these emotions that Hank hasn’t felt for years and years. And it’s been just an incredible ride for Paulo Costanzo (Evan) and Henry Winkler and me. And something about the chemistry of the three of us literally feels as if somehow, unbeknownst to us, we are actually brothers and father and sons.”

“No one could predict the chemistry that would ensue between me and Paulo,” he continues. “We have this dynamic where we’re sort of always competing but we have this intrinsic trust. And so, at the end of any scene, it’ll be hard to know who’s going to end up having the last line because he and I will go toe to toe trying to one up the other. And I love that game because that game is exactly what I understand the relationship between brothers to be. And he and I have it in spades.”

Adorable, right? And it really does come across on-screen.

3. The wild and crazy medical cases: The show often focuses on extreme illnesses without the traditional medical treatments and this year will be no different.

“I want to assure you that there will be no lack of weird, crazy, outlandish medical conditions or MacGyverish situations,” Feuerstein says. “We have some of the most rare and most fascinating [cases]. Even right now, we’re about to shoot an episode set on a vineyard, and our character of Tucker, who we love, has a friend and something goes down…I perform a surgery impromptu near the barrels of a wine vat that will definitely entertain and is quite shocking.”

4. Love is a battlefield: Hank and Jill’s off-and-on relationship isn’t going so hot, and a new character — played by Anastasia Griffith of “Damages” — certainly isn’t going to help matters. “You have Anastasia playing an antagonist to me, as a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, because she may suddenly turn out to be a competitor for my monopoly on private medical care,” Feuerstein says. “And then [her character] may also be an antagonist to Jill Casey herself because there might be love in the air blooming for Hank Lawson in the form of [this nemesis role Anastasia’s playing]. But I don’t know myself if that’s the direction in which it’s going. That remains to be seen.”

5. They’ve got street cred, yo: This might be one of those things that you really need to see in order to believe, but the entire cast raps. Yes, even the Fonz…

What do you think?

Will you be tuning in?

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credit: USA Network