It’s only been 19 days since award-winning singer Carrie Underwood‘s top secret wedding to Mike Fisher, followed by a romantic Tahitian honeymoon.

So maybe it’s understandable that Carrie Underwood told Matt Lauer on the Today Show Friday (July 30) that [Married life] is a lot like dating life, actually.”

]]>she explained during a break in her rocking performance. And can we
take a moment to say how much we like her schoolgirl (or boy?) outfit
with thigh high stockings/boots?

But it’s gonna get harder.
Even harder than Carrie now going by her married name, Carrie Fisher, which is a whole other kettle of fish. Underwood has a 45-city concert tour Sept. 25 through Dec.18. And her
Ottawa Senators hockey hubby soons starts training camp and has
an 82-game schedule starting in October.

Fisher previously joked
that “the airport will be the couple’s main residence and Carrie
explained to Lauer that they both understand each other’s busy

“It’s good; we’re both very busy people and understand each other’s lives,” she said. “So we’re OK with it.”

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Video credit: NBC