covert affairs piper perabo christopher gorham 320 'Covert Affairs': What did you think? Who's the leak?Thank goodness for “Covert Affairs” and the rest of USA’s summertime lineup.

In the landscape of reality shows, sports and reruns, we’re loving the fun scripted shows on cable that are still made with plenty of love and quality production.

Warning: Spoilers below. Watch the first episode first before reading and joining the discussion.

It’s no secret that Zap2it loves “Covert Affairs.” The show is filling that hole in our hearts left from when “Alias” went away and until “Nikita” debuts in fall. Although Annie (Piper Perabo) didn’t get to wear a risque hooker’s outfit in the premiere, we’re still foreseeing a lot of fun costumes a la Sydney Bristow to come.

Also, how freakin’ awesome is Christopher Gorham? We’ve been following him since “Popular” and through his adorable turn on “Ugly Betty” and sick and twisted one on “Harper’s Island.” In Auggie we know he’ll be a great friend to Annie, but of course eventually sparks have to fly, right? Which brings us to our first question:

covert affairs sendhil ramamurthy 320 'Covert Affairs': What did you think? Who's the leak?1) Who’s Annie destined to be with?

Sure, there’s that guy she met in Sri Lanka who’s obviously got something deeper going on that the CIA wants him, and we already know that Sendhil Ramamurthy will be a love interest (of sorts)  when he joins the show (but will he have his “Heroes” Suresh accent?), but really, it’s Annie and Auggie all the way, right? Notice we didn’t even consider Conrad (Eric Lively, older bro of “Gossip Girl’s” Blake Lively).

2) Why is the CIA after Annie’s mystery man?

The most obvious answer is that he’s a former agent gone rogue for some (probably noble) reason. But does he want to revenge? Does he have some info they need? Or we could be completely wrong about his story.

3) Who’s leaking info to the press?

Hmm, just because he’s a big goof, we’re thinking Conrad, but that might be too obvious, right? Maybe we haven’t met the leak yet.

Anyway, what do you think about “Covert”? Any theories about our questions?

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