janice dickinson lady gaga fm gi Janice Dickinson thinks Lady Gaga should be 'spanked'So, which is worse: Being a 24-year-old pop sensation who admits to occasionally using cocaine — “I won’t lie; it’s occasional. And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.” — or being a 55-year-old model who has been saying how clean-leaving she is for years but is now taping “Celebrity Rehab”?

]]>Janice Dickinson, is “appalled” by Lady Gaga‘s remarks in a recent Vanity Fair interview, calling her a bad role model for the younger generation. “You can damage and hurt kids,” Dickinson tells Life & Style. “The way she mentioned cocaine, I think she should really get spanked!” Dickinson, who calls Gaga’s hits “elevator music,” also predicts that the pop star’s 15 minutes are just about up. “All the gays are looking for something new,” Dickinson insists. “She’s history.”
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