ashton kutcher demi moore getty Ashton Kutcher angry over Star Magazine's 'defamation of character'Star Magazine recently reported that Ashton Kutcher “had this gorgeous girl pinned against the wall, and he was totally
making out with” a girl who “obviously wasn’t Demi.”

Kutcher has responded — where else? — on Twitter: “I think Star magazine calling me a ‘cheater’ qualifies as defamation of character. I hope my lawyer agrees” and “STAR magazine – you don’t get to stand behind “freedom of the press” when you are writing fiction.”

]]>Wife Demi Moore expressed her agreement with a “No question!” and “Excellent point my love.”

Demi and Ashton will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary at the end of September. What do you think, Dish Rag readers? They’ve always seemed like a fairly solid couple to us, so we think we side with the Kutchers over the tabloid.

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