mark ballas bristol paling dwts 11 abc 'Dancing With the Stars' tightens security around Bristol Palin, Mark BallasWith the first part of the “Dancing With the Stars” finale airing tonight (Monday, Nov. 22), security for the production is taking no chances. Especially when it comes to Bristol Palin and her pro partner Mark Ballas. And you know things are serious when you’re put on Twitter lockdown.

Last Friday, the Los Angeles fire and police departments were quick to respond when an envelope meant for finalist Palin arrived at the “DWTS” production offices containing an unknown white powdery substance. Although it was determined the powder was merely talcum powder, the outrage over the admittedly less-than-talented Palin being in the Final Three continues to mount. Throw in the fact that her mother is the polarizing former vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, and one can see how quickly this sort of the thing has the potential for spinning out of control.

“Everyone is genuinely worried,” a source tells TMZ. “This is a dance competition and it’s just gotten crazy.”

So crazy that show officials have told Ballas to stop using Twitter since his tweets were getting people worked up. He’s been social media silent since Wednesday, Nov. 17, having signed off with, “Taking a break from Twitter till the seasons over.. Thank you to all the supporters and fans. We love u. I’ll be back soon….”