urx unit loader Damian Lewis lands Showtime pilot, 'Money Drop' couple loses 800K on correct answer
damian lewis pilot Damian Lewis lands Showtime pilot, 'Money Drop' couple loses 800K on correct answer

You’ll enjoy these TV news snacks, unless you recently lost out on $1 million:

Damian Lewis, formerly of NBC’s “Life,” will star alongside Claire Danes in the Showtime pilot “Homeland.” He plays a former prisoner of war being investigated by a C.I.A. agent (Danes) for a suspected terrorist plot. [Deadline]

Brace yourself, America: A “Jersey Shore” spinoff is in the works. MTV says it’s closed a series option deal with cast member Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio for a show about his life away from the Shore. He filmed a pilot presentation for the spinoff in September. [MTV]

Discovery’s “Cash Cab” is getting a companion series. The network will air a Chicago version of the semi-staged quiz show in 2011. Emmy-winning host Ben Bailey won’t be along for the ride, though. He’s staying put on the original, with comic Beth Melewski playing chauffeur/emcee. [AP]

Kevin Newman, who briefly hosted “Good Morning America” after the show’s late-90s shakeup, probably shouldn’t have seen recent rom-com “Morning Glory.” In an interview, he admits the film brought back a lot of bad memories: “It took me years to repair what nine months as GMA’s male co-host did to my confidence and career.” We were over it a bit sooner. [THR]

What’s worse than losing $800,000 on one question? Actually being correct. The couple who lost big by saying that Post-It Notes were sold in stores before Macintosh Computers and Sony Walkman on “Million Dollar Money Drop” are probably a bit confused by Post-It’s agreement with their answer. They were sold first. [clip below, via Vulture]