justin timberlake george lopez Justin Timberlake reluctantly promotes 'Yogi Bear,' would join 'SNL'

There have probably been more satisfying moments in Justin Timberlake‘s career than the current publicity tour for voicing Boo Boo in the universally panned “Yogi Bear.”

]]>George Lopez points out on his Dec. 16 show, has “Oscar buzz” for

The lack of any Golden Globe or Screen Actors Guild nod certainly doesn’t
bode well on that front. But it does seem like there’s always a place
for him on TV.

“Every time you do ‘Saturday Night Live,’ everything goes viral,” Lopez
points out to Timberlake, awkwardly referencing the internet for
umpteenth time in their conversation before asking if he’d ever join the

“It’d be fun to do a season I think,” says Timberlake, “absolutely.”

To see if he’s really serious, gauge his tone in this clip: