Betty White, the Hollywood It Girl this past year, celebrated her 89th birthday in New York. There was a party on Tuesday (Jan. 18), though her actual birthday was Monday, and an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“For an 89 year-old broad, I couldn’t be happier,” says Betty. Letterman busts out an old glamour shot of Betty in what we imagine is the early 1940s — woo woo, she was a looker.

When asked if she’s going to do “SNL” again, Betty quips, “I think you do a thing once and then you run like a thief.”

Letterman then asks her what she does in her free time and Betty says, “Oh, I like to do most anything. Play with animals, mostly. And vodka’s kind of a hobby.” So Letterman reaches down from behind the desk and produces a bottle of Grey Goose, to which Betty laughs heartily. They share some vodka, then she does a classic spit-take.

How can you not love her?