katy perry cake gi Katy Perry: Cooking will not help in the ApocalypseBetween Katy Perry‘s obvious love of sugar and spice and everything nice and her seemingly normal marriage to Russell Brand we had a hunch that her home life might include some backyard BBQs or at least a taco night.

Not only is her “California Dreams” world tour going to use smell-o-vision to make it smell like “cotton candy heaven,” according to Rolling Stone she’s working with artists Will Cotton and Mark Ryden because, “I have this whole thing in my show that is about candy and cupcakes and meat.”

Alas, Perry is not concealing any Martha Stewart — or even Rachael Ray — tendencies.

“I do not cook, although I can make a mean quesadilla … but that is nothing!” Perry tells Zap2it. “I may not be skilled as a chef, but I am skilled in other ways. Before I do that, I want to become a helicopter pilot; that will help in the Apocalypse, but cooking will not. You want to make a mean pasta? Great! I’m off while the world ends.”

— Additional reporting by Jay Bobbin