alvin and the chipmunks group The Chipmunks: Simon Chipmunk wore glasses    did you know the answer?The Chipmunks cartoon was a focus of a question Tuesday night (Jan. 11) on “Million Dollar Money Drop.” The three choices were Alvin, Simon and Theodore (natch) and the question was which Chipmunk wore glasses? The answer is obviously Simon.

We have always been Chipmunk fans. “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” is a fun holiday ditty (“me I want a hulla-hoop!”) and “The Chipmunk Adventure,” where the Chipmunks race the Chipettes around the world while singing fun songs was a favorite of ours as a child.

During this particular “Million Dollar Money Drop,” we made it to the final question with $1 million, but we lost it all on betting teenagers surf the internet more than they watch TV. Oops.

How did you do?