urx unit loader Is Kristen Schaal the best spokeswoman ever?
schaal commercial Is Kristen Schaal the best spokeswoman ever?

Sure, “Flight of the Conchords'”  Kristen Schaal doesn’t seem like an obvious choice to be a major corporation’s spokeswoman; After watching these ads for Sony Ericsson, we’re pretty sure a lot of companies are looking up quirky and under-appreciated actresses.

Sony Ericsson recruited Schaal to promote their new gaming smartphone Xperia Play. The campaign? Viral videos. Sounds basic =, right? Well, add in Schaal transforming in a crossbow-wielding dwarf and you’ve got a viral hit on your hands. We’re pretty sure “eyeballs!” will be the next great pop culture quote.

In another video, she transforms from busy businesswoman to gun-wielding crazy killer. Another quotable gem? “One kill, two kill, triple kill, b—-es!”

Schaal also voiced Trixie in “Toy Story 3” and Louise in “Bob’s Burgers.” Watch two of Schaal’s popular ads below — which include kittens, a crossbow and an AK-47. Seriously, we couldn’t make that up if we tried.