sarah silverman getty 'The Good Wife': Sarah Silverman coming to Lockhart & Gardner“The Good Wife” writers were live-tweeting last night’s excellent episode and at once point casually dropped this one in the mix: “BREAKING NEWS for those of you who are still here with us: Sarah Silverman will guest star in Episode 222.”

That’s all the details anyone has so far, but knowing what good use the show makes of its guest-stars, we have no doubt it will be something clever. What type of role would you like to see her play?

We’re torn. We’d either like to see Silverman as a silver-tongued, smart, funny opposing counsel for Alicia or Will in the courtroom, or some kind of defendant – creepy or sad, something that will let us see the comedian show off her drama chops.

What do you think of the Silverman news?

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