Yahoo’s Vitality blog has a series of videos and interviews they call “Second Act.” One of the most recent ones they put up was of Jeff B. Cohen. Who, you ask? Chunk from “The Goonies.”

Cohen is now a 36-year-old entertainment lawyer, but he recalls how the infamous Truffle Shuffle scene was one of the first scenes he shot for the movie. “It was just kind of me being me,” he says.

“That scene, as a director, was a incredible insight into Jeff,” says “Goonies” director Richard Donner.

“Puberty was the main culprit in ending my acting career. I went from being kidn of this chunky little kid to looking different and I was really bummed because I loved acting,” says Cohen. “Richard Donner’s friendship and guidance showed me that there’s more to life than being an actor.”

Well done, Chunk.