neve campbell emma roberts scream4 Neve Campbell returns as Sidney Prescott; Wes Craven, Emma Roberts sing the 'Scream' star's praises“Scream 4″ hits theaters April 15, marking the return of Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox for the first time in 10 years. All three will reprise their roles from the original film, and fight to dodge the knife of the Ghostface Killer once again.

]]>Zap2it was on the scene for the film’s press conference, where we heard first hand from director Wes Craven why he thinks Campbell still fits the role of Sidney Prescott perfectly.

I think embodies everything I think we all like to have, that sort of
substance, honesty, lack of pretense and has put that into her
character,” he says. “Intelligence and refusing to just go along with
whatever the fad is at the time.”

Adding that the actress can “really kick ass,” a sentiment that co-star Emma Roberts echoed during our sit-down.

two share a pretty intense physical scene together in the film, during
which Roberts admits that they gave it as much as they could, but left
the major stunts to the professionals.

“A couple of stunts I
did, but for the most part Neve and I left it all to the stunt women,”
she tells us. “Neve is quite the badass though, she’s really good at
that kind of stuff.” Continuing, “Neve was so supportive like, ‘Just
give it your all, just do it.’ We went all out.”

As for Campbell, she’s happy to be reprising her crucial role in the franchise once more.

think what has been fun for me with playing Sidney, I think she’s the
eyes of the audience in a sense. The audience is taken with her because
they need one core character to feel for in order for the horror and the
humor to work,” she says. “For me, it’s just been about being really
straight and honest with her circumstances and being true to them. And
playing it in that way, letting everybody else sort of buzz around me
and do a really fantastic job.”

The late Brittany Murphy
was one of the names under consideration for the original role of
Sidney, but watch the video below to see why Campbell was ultimately
chosen and to see bits of her original audition. Courtesy of PopWrap.