scream 4 ghostface still2 'Scream' writer Kevin Williamson opens up about 'Scream 4' rewrites and the future of the franchiseIt’s been a bumpy road, but “Scream 4″ will finally hit theaters on April 15th.

Zap2it was the first to tell you that a script for the fourth installment in the franchise had been turned over from series creator Kevin Williamson, to “Scream 3″ writer Ehren Kruger back in July. The report sparked major debate over what was really going on in Woodsboro.  

]]>“The Vampire Diaries” factors in to all this.

“Oh, I got in a big fight with Bob. God love him,” Williamson tells EW.
“I’ve worked with the man for 16 years out of my 16-year career. We get
in some fights. We’re a very dysfunctional family over there at the
Weinstein Co. We got into a massive fight creatively and we hugged it
out and then we moved on.”

Despite supposedly hugging it out, Williamson admits that the two
haven’t spoken since. He still insists that Weinstein is over their
tussle, saying “Oh come one, it’s Bob. It’s fine!”

As for what the fight was about, the writer blames passionate personalities with contractual obligations as the final straw.

“The one thing that Bob and I connect on very basically, why we’ve
worked successfully together for 16 years, is we’re passionate,” he
explains. “And it is that passion that allows you to make a movie where
he will believe in you and trust in you and it’s also that passion that
can cause fights and cause struggle.”

Continuing, “For 16 years, he’s kept me gainfully employed. I love him.
Yes, we got into the fight, but then the big clincher came:
Contractually, I had signed on to do ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ You know,
the little thing called first and second position? I was in first
position to do ‘Vampire Diaries’ and second position to do ‘Scream 4.’
So guess what? It was a contractual thing. Warner Bros called up and
they said, “Dude where are you? You have a show that’s on the air —
where are you?” I did double duty as much as I could but ‘The Vampire
Diaries’ was also very important to me.”

And for that, we’re sure “Vampire Diaries” fans thank him. Even after all the
drama, Williamson still holds a soft spot in his heart for “Scream 4″
and is (thankfully) open to continuing the story.

“Scream is so special to me I’m never going to disavow it,” he says.
“The reality is I did I worked very hard on the film. I did my darndnest
to try and make a really good movie. I gave it my all. I wrote
everything I thought I could write. Then they had to film it and I had
to get back to ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ So I think I really contributed. I
hope it all turns out! My fingers are crossed!”

As for “Scream 5″: “If people really respond to the film, then yes, there are more twists and turns,” he teases.

Zap2it spoke with Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere back in March and got their perspectives on the ever changing script.