hasselbeck view 'The View': Joy Behar zings Elisabeth Hasselbeck with birther jokeAnother week — another dig on “The View.”

]]>Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck continued their constant battle of
political opinions during the Monday morning (Apr. 25) hot topics
segment. Ironically, the topic didn’t start out hot at all.

Hasselbeck was dishing on her new duties as Tooth Fairy, admitting that
she took to Twitter to ask for advice. “I’m nervous, I’ve gotta get
prepared for when this thing falls out,” she said of her eldest daughter’s loose tooth. “She’s my first born,
I feel like she just got the tooth.

“So I tweeted ‘What’s a tooth going for? Any new ideas for the tooth
fairy?’  I haven’t done this before!” she continued. Behar was then able
to jump in with a perfectly timed zing at Hasselbeck’s vocal support of
the birther movement.

“Did you also try to find out if the tooth fairy has a birth certificate?” she gibed.

Hasselbeck was apparently caught off guard, looking back stunned while
guest host Mario Cantone (aka Charlotte’s gay friend from “Sex and the
City”) jumped in. “Why must you start!?” he exclaimed. “We were having a
nice time talking about the children!”

“Is the tooth fairy black?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg joked before Hasselbeck responded, “Is the tooth fairy from Hawaii?”

And… this is exactly why people watch.