efron hudgens getty Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens' friendly Hollywood outingExes Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have each been spotted mixing and mingling around the Hollywood scene since their December split, but that hasn’t put a damper on their friendly relations.

]]>“High School Musical” alum Ashley Tisdale
at her DVD release party on Wednesday (Apr. 6). As expected,
onlookers are speaking up and weighing in on each and every interaction.

“Zac and Vanessa definitely seemed comfortable around each other,” one
Us Magazine. “They didn’t seem affectionate or romantic at all,
but they were totally relaxed and friendly.”

Adds another, “They both came out to support Ashley. They knew they
would both be there and were fine with it. They really are still

And there you have it. Maybe next we’ll get an Efron blessing on a Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson
union. Or not. We’re just wondering if Tisdale is mad that she was
outshined at her own event, or if she’s happy the DVD release of “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” is getting any recognition at all.