Taylor-momsen-the-pretty-reckless.jpgWhile “Gossip Girl” finished out its fourth season without Little J, Taylor Momsen has been keeping busy working on her true passion — music.

]]>Zap2it spoke with Momsen about her exit from the hit CW show and whether or not she’d ever return to acting.

“I don’t know,” she says of a possible return to “GG.” “I’m really happy
to be on the road and to be able to tour and play. I mean, that’s what I
want to do with my life. So, I’m definitely in a good spot right now
and I’m really happy about being able to do that… No plans for it at the
moment, but who knows.”

While she’s undoubtedly talented in both fields, Momsen suggests — as she
has many other times — that a career as a child actor wasn’t her
choice to make. Just shy of 18-years-old, the starlet isn’t convinced that
she’ll ever return to acting.

“Music was this thing that I chose, and I chose that at a young age,”
she says. “Acting was very much a job for me and it became even more so
as I got older and older. I enjoy it fine, but I don’t really
miss it right now. I don’t know if I’ll go back to it ever… I’m not
gonna say that I’m not, but I don’t know if I will.

“I know that I’ll be making records for the rest of my life. Whether
they’ll be put out or not, who knows, but I won’t stop writing,” she
adds. “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. It very much defines who I
am to me and the people around me, but I’m sure it’s still kind of new
to the rest of the world.”

While fans and pundits alike have been critical of Jenny Humphrey’s exit
from the show, Momsen has remained close with a few of her co-stars, and
admits that she’s found support in the “GG” fanbase, as well.

“I love Kelly,” she says of on-screen step mother, Kelly Rutherford.
“Kelly and Connor [Paolo, Eric van der Woodsen] have come to bunch of
shows. I love both of them, they’re very supportive.”

Adding, “There definitely are [Pretty Reckless] fans who were fans of
the show first… but now they’re die hard fans of the band, not just
because I was on ‘Gossip Girl.’ And then there’s people that I’m sure
looked it up and were like ‘Yeah, f*** that.'”

As for her exit from the show, we asked Momsen if she was happy creatively with the way her character said goodbye.

“Yeah, I mean sure,” she says. “I didn’t have any say over storylines. I
don’t know if anyone else did, but I certainly didn’t. You show up and
you do what the script says. I don’t have any creative say. So yeah,
it’s cool. And I’m happy to be off and able to tour.”

The band is preparing to embark on a worldwide summer festival circuit,
but Momsen promises a big announcement in the fall regarding what sounds
like a potential stateside tour.

If you haven’t heard The Pretty Reckless’ music yet, check out one of our favorite tracks from the album, below.