urx unit loader Diabo Cody to direct Christmas film, plus the return of 'Red Band Trailer'
diablo cody gi Diabo Cody to direct Christmas film, plus the return of 'Red Band Trailer'Diablo Cody, who became a pop-culture sensation when she penned “Juno” (and won an Oscar for it), is giving the director’s chair a spin. Now that her show, “United States of Tara,” has been canceled, Cody is taking the opportunity to take the reins on “Lamb of God,” a Christmas film she wrote.

Cody will be working once again with Mandate Pictures, who backed “Juno” and her upcoming film “Young Adult.” On her blog, Cody describes the film as a “nice Christmas story” about “a woman who survives a plane crash and loses her faith in everything.” The woman ultimately rediscovers her faith while living a life of lush debauchery in (where else?) Vegas.

Jason Reitman, who directed “Juno” and “Young Adult,” warned Cody that the Vegas night shoots will be her greatest challenge as a director.

According to Cody’s blog, Reitman said, “The next time you write something for yourself to direct, every scene will take place indoors, during the day, in a
neutral location. It’ll be like: Interior. Kitchen. Noon.”

Cody also recently announced the return of her hilarious web series “Red Band Trailer,” in which she interviews celebrities in a trailer. “RED BAND TRAILER is coming back for 10 new episodes. We start shooting
next week & go live in September. Really excited to share,” she tweeted.

Can we get a heck yeah? In case you are unfamiliar, please watch the video below. You will thank us later.