karen gillan dr who getty Karen Gillan caught nude in a hotel hallway? 'Doctor Who' star's awkward morningKaren Gillan may be the star of the BBC’s “Doctor Who,” but rumor has it she had a moment more suited to a super-awkward romantic comedy — we’re thinking the next “Bridget Jones” sequel, perhaps — while on a recent promotional tour.

British tabloid The Mirror reports that 23-year-old Gillan found herself locked out of her New York City hotel room… without her clothes. Gillan, who was staying at the Ace Hotel with showrunner Stephen Moffatt and co-star (the latest Doctor) Matt Smith, tried to cover up with towels, but 7 AM is not an ideal time to be trying to hide your bare derriere in a busy hotel hallway.

Where’s a Tardis when a girl needs one?

“We’re unaware of this alleged incident,” a spokesman for the BBC said, so we’re hoping (for Gillan’s sake) that the gossip rag is mistaken.

Gillan, Smith, and the Tardis return to BBC America in late summer.