jenny mccarthy pregnancy photo Jenny McCarthy: 'My 211 lbs at pregnancy, here is a photo'Jenny McCarthy has said before that she topped the scales at 211 lbs when she was pregnant – and now today she took to Twitter with a photo she found to prove her claims.

McCarthy tweets, “For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy, here is a photo I found! Meaty meaty ass! Whoa.”

Heh. We’ve always liked Jenny McCarthy, she has an excellent sense of humor and we love that she can just be a normal woman who put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. It seems 211 lbs would be about a 60-pound weight gain for McCarthy, which is quite a bit.

Her son, Evan Joseph, is from her marriage with John Mallory Asher. Evan was born May 18, 2002. Kudos to Jenny. It’s nice to see a starlet who isn’t pregnant and rail thin everywhere else on her body.