Check out these sneak peek clips of “True Blood’s” latest episode, airing Sunday, July 17. In episode 4, titled “I’m Alive and on Fire,” Alcide – whom we last saw in “domestic bliss” with Debbie – just cannot resist coming to Sookie’s aid. Aww. Also – shirtlessness! Holy crap, did you see those abs?

Meanwhile, Bill questions Pam as to Eric’s whereabouts, but she has no idea what happened to him. She does call him out on liking his new powerful seat, though. Think it’ll going (or has already gone) to Bill’s head? 

And finally, Lafayette, Jesus and Tara beg Marnie to reverse the spell that wiped Eric’s memory, but Marnie can’t – it was the spirit she took in. She also says “the Goddess” will protect them. Tell that to Claudine.

“True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.