Word broke Wednesday (Aug. 17) that French actor Gerard Depardieu relieved himself on the floor of an Air France flight from Paris to Dublin Tuesday. Air France said in a statement, “Flight AF 5010 was delayed because of an incident involving a passenger
who refused to remain seated. He was disembarked and the flight took off
from Charles de Gaulle … an hour and 15 minutes late … he did
indeed urinate in the aircraft.”

And as wonderful as that is, it gets even better when CNN newsman Anderson Cooper gets the giggles over the news on national TV. It all starts when Cooper cracks, “Or as the French would say, ‘oui oui.'”

It just gets worse from there. There is an “incontinental” crack and then “thes-peein'” and finally the coup de grace – “DepardTwo.”

Delightful, Anderson. Delightful. We also love his self-awareness afterwards, “You always see this thing on YouTube and you don’t think … [laughs].”