cynthia de la vega Cynthia de la Vega gains 6 lbs, loses crown and shot at Miss WorldIf you win the Miss Mexico beauty pageant, you get to compete in Miss Universe. If you’re the first runner-up you get to compete in Miss World. … Unless you’re Cynthia de la Vega.

The 19-year-old runner-up has been stripped of her crown and will not be allowed to represent Mexico at Miss World in November. What’s her transgression? Nude pics? Nope. Unpopular politics? Uh-uh. According to the Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico organizers, de la Vegas failed to meet “the recommendations and agreed upon targets for her preparation.”

Translated? She didn’t lose the six pounds that she packed on due to stress by the date they gave her.

De la Vega calls her treatment “an injustice” and says that she is healthy enough to represent Mexico, pointing out that she was not provided with a nutritionist or any other aids to lose the weight.