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To our mind, Jeff Bridges can do no wrong. We love all his various incarnations, from “Last Picture Show” to “Jagged Edge,” “Tron” to “True Grit.” That goes for his current country crooner one as well.

Bridges’ self-titled album comes out today (Tuesday, Aug. 16) and he stopped by “Today” to perform one of the songs, “What a Little Bit of Love Can Do.”

Written by Stephen Bruton — who used to work with singer Kris Kristofferson, who Bridges’ Oscar-winning “Crazy Heart” character is more than a little similar too — the song was originally penned for the “Crazy Heart” soundtrack. While it didn’t make the movie cut, it did find a home on the album.

Additionally, Bridges’ album includes two songs he wrote himself, “Falling Short” and “Tumbling Vine.” And did we mention it’s out today?