Ryan Gosling hasn’t really been known for his rom-coms, but “Crazy Stupid Love” was apparently just what the doctor ordered.

“I had been getting pretty stressed out with the films I was doing
before,” says Gosling, in the above interview. “I was at my doctor and I think as a joke, he wrote as a
prescription, ‘Do a comedy.’ So I took his advice, and I do feel

“Crazy Stupid Love” opened nationwide Friday, July 29 at just below $20 million for its opening weekend, which isn’t bad. The critics are largely positive, with Roger Ebert summing it up thusly, “‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ is a sweet romantic comedy about good-hearted people. Imagine that.” And everyone we know who saw it over the weekend enjoyed it.

Will you be partaking of “Crazy Stupid Love”?