helio castroneves sept 201 gi Helio Castroneves: 'DWTS' winner's car crashes during Grand Prix practiceDuring the Baltimore Grand Prix warm-up on Sunday (Sept. 4), racecar driver — and “Dancing With the Stars” champion — Helio Castroneves‘ car was totaled during a seven-lap practice round.

Fellow driver Tony Kanaan was behind Castroneves when Kanaan experienced total brake failure. His car took out the right side of Castroneves car. Neither driver was injured but there was too much damage to salvage Castoneves’ ride. A back-up car was brought in.

“It isn’t very often that it happens,” Castroneves told spectators, according to the Baltimore Sun, adding that he won’t get a chance to do another practice round. “It’s not ideal but it will be fine.”

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