jim carrey june 2011 Jim Carrey unleashes his #Boing via graffitiJim Carrey seems to be a bit at loose ends these days. He definitely has a lot of free time on his hands.

First he took the time to put together a video professing his admiration for Emma Stone. Now, he’s busy spray-painting graffiti in NYC’s West Village. At least it wasn’t his home that he was tagging in bright green, turquoise and pink paint as was originally reported.

“Incase u believe wht u read in papers n blogs i did’t tag my house. It’s my art studio, a simple space where i can unleash my #Boing,” he tweets.

Pictures of his spray-painting bender showed him using a cut-out reminiscent of “The Simpsons” Sideshow Bob as a stencil. On Wednesday (Sept. 7), posted his latest piece of art that also used the silhouette.

Who knows, maybe Boing could be Carrey’s Blue Dog.