urx unit loader Michele Bachmann, Jay Leno tackle gay marriage in odd 'Tonight Show' segment

Remember all those late nights of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon going on and on about a woman’s right to choose?

Us neither, but with the upcoming 2012 presidential election, expect a lot of awkward political conversations headed to late night talk shows — like this one between Michele Bachmann and Jay Leno.

During a Sept. 16 episode of “The Tonight Show,” Leno expressed his skepticism over the congresswoman’s opposition to gay marriage.

“The family is foundational, and marriage between a man and a woman is what the law has been for years and years and years.”

Leno does not understand, and though the two seem to see eye-to-eye on a lot of other tea party topics, he kept going back to marriage — as you can see in the above clip.

“Well, we’d probably have an argument over that gay thing,” Leno says when Bachmann jokes about choosing him as a possible running mate.

Truth be told: we appreciate Leno for calling out Bachmann on her close-minded views. Though we’re also a bit confused as to why she was on in the first place. Can’t the candidates stick to cable news or the occasional “Saturday Night Live” appearance?