michael bolton jack sparrow pirate Talk like a Pirate Day: Parrrrrties and 'Pirate Santa,' me heartiesSince 2002, when Dave Barry mentioned John Baur and Mark Summers in his weekly column, Talk Like a Pirate Day has been an internationally celebrated holiday on Sept. 19, growing bigger with each passing year.

Why Sept. 19? That’s Summers’ ex-wife’s birthday, so … naturally.

The official Talk Like a Pirate website now has a Google map showing all the Talk Like a Pirate parrrrrrties. You can have yours added too. And this year, Mark and John are announcing a new book – “Pirate Santa,” for children.

Need help with your Pirate-speak? The site kindly provides a translator. So – hoist the mainstay, swab the bootdeck, drink lots o’grog, find t’ hot beauties and celebrate!