angus t jones getty Angus T. Jones' 18th birthday   should they change it to 'Three Men'?Angus T. Jones, the highest-paid child star on television, turns 18 years old Saturday (Oct. 8). Do you think “Two and a Half Men” should become “Three Men.” They could add a spunky little girl character and call it “Three Men and a Little Lady.”

Just kidding. Happy birthday to Angus. He currently makes $300,000 per episode, which puts him well ahead of the second-highest paid child star, “iCarly’s” Miranda Cosgrove at $180,000 an episode.

Jones has certainly started looking like a man as of late. He’s shot up in height and has also lost all of his baby fat, turning him into a lean, mean joke-cracking machine on “Men.” He can be seen for at least two more seasons on the hit CBS sitcom.

Happy birthday, Angus!