britney spears uk tour gett Britney Spears' Femme Fatale ticket prices slashed in BritainApparently the Brits are not clamoring to see Brit-Brit, as the UK’s Sun is reporting that thousands of tickets for the Birmingham leg of her Femme Fatale tour are unsold. To combat the problem, the promoters are reportedly slashing prices, from �55 down to �30. In the United States, that’s the equivalent of discounting $88 tickets down to roughly $48.

The UK’s Star is also reporting that the promoters for Britney’s Sheffield concert on Bonfire Night (Nov. 5) are still at �55 – but it’s buy one, get one free.

Britney is currently performing throughout Europe. She’s in Ireland, followed by the United Kingdom, Portugal and finally the United Arab Emirates before she goes flying down to Rio for the South American portion of the tour.