kelly ripa jerry seinfeld l Jerry Seinfeld teases big announcement on 'Live with Kelly'For the first “Live with Kelly” show, comedian Jerry Seinfeld joined Kelly Ripa as the co-host, cracking of the gig, “I feel very honored that you invited me to be the first person to be part of Operation: Smooth Transition.”

Seinfeld is the co-host for the shortened Thanksgiving week, Monday, Nov. 21 though Wednesday, Nov. 23. Then Neil Patrick Harris is co-hosting for the following week – Nov. 28 through Dec. 2.

All episode of this first “Live with Kelly” show, Kelly and Jerry were teasing a big announcement, so naturally we were wondering if they were going to announce her new permanent co-host. But it turned out to be that “Live with Kelly” is going to Hawaii in February and while they are there, they are throwing a destination wedding for a couple of viewers. Couples who want to apply should send a one-page letter to the show as part of the Hawaiian Dream Wedding getaway.

That’s cool, but seriously – who is the new co-host?!