meat cupcakes Meat cupcakes with mashed potato icing   mmm mmm?So – meat cupcakes are a thing now. They come courtesy of the Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago and, as you can see above, they come in a variety of flavors. Some of them don’t even look that gross!

But seriously, NPR tried these meat pastries. The one they tried was a cake made of everything you’d find on a burger, the frosting was cheesy mashed potatoes. Here are some of the things the people in its offices had to say:

  • “‘Meat Cupcake’ sounds like football slang. ‘I smashed him into a meat cupcake.'”
  • “You could make a really nice red velvet cupcake with beet puree.”
  • “That’d be a really good dessert for your kid’s surprise party, if you didn’t like your kid.”
  • “The verdict: really, really tasty. ‘Between two buns’ is still probably
    the best format for a cheeseburger, but this is a fun alternative.”

We are kind of dying to try these. The favorite we saw on the Meatloaf Bakery site was the El Loafo del Fuego, which is a “robust mix of ground pork with chorizo, green olives, hot peppers,
almonds, garlic and a touch of sherry. Topped with Garlic
Spuds and served with a sherry-mushroom sauce.”

So – has anybody tried a meat cupcake? What did you think?